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Dubai Attractions - http://www.attractiondubai.com/

Before traveling to the amazing Dubai, check our guide about the best and most popular Dubai attractions including, tourist sights, leisure parks, famous buildings, shopping centers, and more.
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Burj Al Arab Hotel - http://www.dubai-travels.co.uk/burj-al-arab.html

Jumeirah is the coast where many luxury residences are inhabited by both rich individuals or by expatriates living in the United Arab Emirates. Its most impressive landmark is the famous Burj-Al-Arab world class hotel, a premier Dubai attraction.
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Wild Wadi Water Park - http://www.wildwadidubai.com

As another Dubai attraction, the Wild Wadi Dubai Water Park can offer entertainment for the whole family. Located very close to the famous luxury hotel Burj-Al-Arab, this water park is a must see for anyone that travels to the United Arab Emirates.
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Dubai Islands - http://www.dubaiislands.net/

Maybe the most popular attractions of Dubai are the man made islands: Palm Jebel Ali, Palm Deira, Palm Jumeirah, and The World Islands. Get to know more about these artificial islands.
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Dubai Underwater Hotel - http://www.dubaiunderwaterhotel.net

Dubai Underwater Hotel is the most popular attraction of Dubai, it is the first underwater hotel built in the Emirates...
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Water Park Dubai - http://www.waterparkdubai.com

Wild Wadi is one of the most popular Dubai attractions, especially for family travelers. Wild Wadi is a great water theme park, which offers adventure and leisure for your whole family.
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Jumeirah Beach - http://www.jumeirahbeach.org/

Jumeirah Beach is one of the top Dubai attractions among visitors and locals. A beautiful sandy beach, luxury hotels and resorts built on there.
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Aquaventure Dubai - http://www.aquaventuredubai.net/

Aquaventure is one of the newest Dubai attraction, an amazing water themed park offers adventure and leisure for your whole family. Visit Aquaventure in Jumeirah Island, at Atlantis Resort.
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Dubai Dolphinarium - http://www.dolphinariumdubai.com/

This is a beautiful initiative that has been taken up by the Dubai municipality. The most important factor behind setting up the Dubai Dolphinarium was to provide families, young and old to get acquainted with these wonderful animals and learn more about them. The Dubai Dolphinarium is a perfect picnic spot for the whole family.
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Blue Waters Island - http://www.dubai-eye.net/blue-waters-island.html

Blue Waters Island is the proposed development of an island in Dubai. It will be situated off the coast of Jumeirah Beach Residence. The developer of the project is Merass Holding, one of the well established real estate developers in Dubai. The island will be one of the iconic features in the state.
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Dubai Ferris Wheel - http://www.dubai-eye.net/

The Developer of the Dubai Eye aims at making it unique and a place for everyone. People will enjoy doing activities from the Dubai Eye. There will be large screens to show telecasts, news and advertisements. The construction of the proposed wheel is said to set Dubai on a new ground.
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