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Wedding, Dubai and shopping – these 3 words were always meant to go together. Dubai has always been known to host the best shopping festivals and conduct the most lavish weddings. And when you combine the 3 together you are bound to achieve one luxurious wedding celebration with people adorning the best of outfits.

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Wedding Dress - http://www.weddingdress.ae/

Dubai is a versatile city and you can find almost anything that you desire in this beautiful city. The land of Dubai has so much to offer with regard to shopping right from finding the perfect wedding dress to choosing the perfect footwear. Visit the Dubai Mall to find the most elegant and exclusive collection of wedding...
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Wedding Suits & Tuxedos - http://www.weddingdress.ae/wedding-suits.html

As much as the bride is viewed on her wedding day so is the groom as well. Dubai offers the groom a vast collection of wedding suits to choose from at a number of their malls. You could either shop for the perfect suit from a number of famous brands or get your suit tailored with some of the best quality tailors.
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Dubai Bridal Wear - http://www.weddingdress.ae/bridal-wear.html

Bridal wear is considered to be the most important attire for the wedding day, a major amount of money is usually invested in the wedding dress. The Dubai Mall is the best place for any kind of wedding shopping as you can purchase every kind of bridal attire or anything related to the wedding from here.
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Mother of the Bride Dresses - http://www.weddingdress.ae/mother-of-the-bride-dresses.html

At a wedding everyone closely related to the wedding couple is considered to be important and tend to look their best on the wedding day. One of them is the mother of the bride, even though the focus is on the brides wedding dress the mother is also greeted by many at the wedding and her outfit emotes her look. Dubai has some...
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Wedding Albums - http://www.dubaiwedding.ae/wedding-albums.html

The whole idea of shopping for the perfect dress and achieving that exclusive look is so that you can treasure those memories. Dubai has number of highly skilled photographers to choose from who convert your fairytale wedding into an amazing album. You can also shop for the best photography service at one of their quality...
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Wedding Cakes - http://www.dubaiwedding.ae/wedding-cakes.html

Hunting and shopping for that perfect cake is never a challenge if you are getting married in Dubai. Dubai has a host of bakeries and confectionaries who provide some of the most exclusive wedding cake designs. Places like The House of Cakes, ChoCo’a and Cakes b bakes are only a few of the places that offer personalized...
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Wedding Ceremony - http://www.dubaiwedding.ae/wedding-ceremony.html

Dubai being a versatile city plays hosts to a number of wedding ceremonies. Dubai weddings are known for their lavish and extraordinary decors along with its outstanding presentations. Conducting a wedding in Dubai is not a major hassle as you can shop for every single item in this wonderful city.
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Wedding Decoration - http://www.dubaiwedding.ae/wedding-decoration.html

Dubai has always been known for its extravagant weddings against some of the most lavish and exotic backdrops but what makes these weddings stand out further is the wedding décor. Themed weddings are definitely a trend this year and managements such as the 4 Seasons’ Entertainment & Events and Tanseeq help you achieve this.
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Wedding Gowns - http://www.dubaiwedding.ae/wedding-gowns.html

Designer wedding gown or tailor made gowns; the land of Dubai has a lot to offer to would be brides. You can find an exclusive collection of dresses at the spectacular Dubai Mall or even visit the Dubai Bridal Showroom for a versatile collection of wedding gowns. Shopping for your wedding dress couldn’t have been any easier.
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Wedding Flowers - http://www.dubaiwedding.ae/wedding-flowers.html

Flowers form an integral part of any wedding celebration and enhance the décor of the wedding venue. Shopping for the best floral boutique is a not a problem as you can choose from a vast collection of florists located in Dubai. Bliss, Linda Flowers and Contempo are only a few places that have access to the rarest of flowers.
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Wedding Jewellery Dubai - http://www.dubaiwedding.ae/wedding-jewellery.html

A large amount of money is usually spent on the bride’s jewellery during a wedding celebration. Shopping for the ideal piece of jewellery in Dubai is a no brainer as Dubai is well known for its jewellery and houses some of the top brands which possess pieces that are budget friendly and classic.
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Wedding Lingerie - http://www.dubaiwedding.ae/wedding-lingerie.html

Wedding involves a wide range of shopping right from the bridal attire to lingerie as well. Wedding lingerie is considered to be as important as any other item related to the wedding day and there are a number of brands that have exclusive collections to choose from. Brides can find the perfect set at any one of these places...
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Wedding Photographer Dubai - http://www.dubaiwedding.ae/wedding-photographer.html

Every moment of your wedding is considered precious to you and who better to capture those moments than a professional and highly skilled photographer who understands your thoughts. Dubai has a number of skilled photojournalist to choose from who convert your moments into cherished memories. Manuel Meszarovits, Mario...
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Wedding Planners - http://www.dubaiwedding.ae/wedding-planners.html

The wedding is considered to be one of the most memorable events of one’s life and hence requires utmost care and attention while planning it. Right from designing the wedding cards to the actual ceremony and the grand reception wedding planners these days makes sure that every detail is looked into and Dubai has some of...
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Dubai Wedding Venues - http://www.dubaiwedding.ae/wedding-venues.html

Having your wedding in Dubai? Then you have nothing to worry about especially when it comes to the venue, Dubai has a number of exotic venues to choose from to make your fairytale wedding dream come true. Be it a beach side backdrop or a scenic sand dune dessert venue you can have it all in Dubai.
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Dubai Bridal Shoes - http://www.dubaishoes.ae/bridal-shoes.html

Although Dubai is known for its high class malls with some of the most exclusive brands of shoes you could also pick your ideal Bridal shoes through online shopping. Online retailers provide a shopping experience that ease out the bride’s desire and provide flawless delivery which does not pressurize the bride in any way.
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Wedding Rings - http://www.dubaiwedding.ae/wedding-rings.html

Dubai is the ultimate city to purchase jewellery so if you are looking for the perfect wedding rings you will find exclusive and vast collection of rings in the best of shapes and sizes. Thanks to its value gold is made easily available to a number of newly engaged couples or you could also visit the Gold Souk for the finest...
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Wedding Shoes Dubai - http://www.dubaiwedding.ae/wedding-shoes.html

Every item that the bride adorns on her wedding day requires personal attention and care. Whether it is her wedding shoes or her bracelet Dubai has a number of stores that offers would be brides complete access to purchase every item on her wedding list. Dubai Mall houses some of the exclusive brands of footwear which also...
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Dubai Wedding - http://www.dubaiwedding.ae/

At Dubai you are bound to have a luxurious wedding thank to the world class venues that the country provides. You can opt for either a breathtaking sea side backdrop for your wedding or book the halls of one of their numerous lavish hotels for example – The Burj Al Arab. These venues are only a few compared to the list you...
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Dubai Bridal Guide - http://www.bride.ae/

Having a wedding soon but have no idea on where to find photographers and videographers? Don’t sweat it. Dubai Bridal Guide would be of good help to you. A leading guide on wedding planning in Dubai, it features professional photographers who will capture those special moments and make your wedding a great success.
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