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The Dubai Souk is mainly a traditional market that acts as place for a number of retailers to trade their business and offer products to the customer’s at the most affordable rates. Initially the souk was only opened to gold jewellery and then developed itself allowing retailers of all business to trade their products.

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Gold Souk Dubai - http://www.dubaisouk.net/gold-souk.html

It is said that no visit to Dubai is complete if you have not visited the Dubai Gold Souk. Known for its variety of gold jewellery at the most affordable rates the Gold Souk has become a tourist attraction recently. You will be able to find almost every brand at the Gold Souk and bargaining at the Souk is pretty much...
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Perfume Souk - http://www.dubaisouk.net/perfume-souk.html

Located at the Sikkat Al Khail Road is the Perfume Souk of Dubai. You will find thousands of aromas at the perfumes souk. Ranging from perfumes to scents and incense almost every kind of fragrance is made easily available here. The perfume souk also has an option of customizing your own fragrance if you do not find a bottled...
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Spice Souk - http://www.dubaisouk.net/spice-souk.html

Also in close proximity to the gold souk is the spice souk in Dubai. You can pick a variety of spices at the souk at the most affordable rates. Due to the upcoming supermarkets the souk seems to be losing out its significance, but it is still a popular destination for both tourists and locals to experience and purchase these...
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Fish Souk - http://www.dubaisouk.net/fish-souk.html

At the Dubai Fish Souk you can find loads of variety of fishes in giant tubs. The seafood available at the souk is the most cheapest and fresh. Remember to wear appropriate clothes and footwear as they may tend to get spoilt. You can get your seafood cleaned and cut in any manner as per your request.
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Textile Souk - http://www.dubaisouk.net/textile-souk.html

Situated in the heart of Bur Dubai is the Textile Souk also known as Old Souk. Over here you can find any type of clothing or fabric at the most affordable prices. The rates here are much cheaper than the malls. The textile souk also offers an option of customized tailors who offer to stitch your dress from the material...
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Souk Al Bahar - http://www.dubaisouk.net/souk-al-bahar.html

The Souk Al Bahar houses more than 100 shops and 22 cafes and restaurants. This mall derives its name because of its high archways and traditional architectures. You can find world class products at the souk ranging from furnishing to textiles. There are many options to get to the souk too; you could either travel by shuttle...
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Khan Murjan - http://www.dubaisouk.net/khan-murjan.html

The Khan Murjan souk resembles an ancient Arabian market and consists of over 150 shops. This souk is located in the underground floor of Wafi Mall. The centre of the souk has an open-roofed restaurant which has been protected from rain or sand storms. You can mainly find antique handicrafts at the souk.
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Dubai Souk - http://www.dubaisouk.net/

The souks at Dubai are basically Arabian markets where a customer can purchase just about anything. The souks are scattered all over the city and sell products like electronics, fish, jewellery, etc. You can spot the souks around the Bur Dubai and Deira areas. These days souks have advanced so much that you can also find...
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Meena Bazaar - http://www.dubaisouk.net/meena-bazaar.html

Meena Bazaar in Dubai is a truly targeted for the Indians living in Dubai and anyone else who has an interest towards Indian products. You can find almost anything at the bazaar and at dirt cheap rates (don’t forget to bargain). Most of the shops are owned by Indians or Pakistanis and is mostly catered to women and children.
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Madinat Jumeirah Souk - http://www.dubaisouk.net/madinat-jumeirah-souk.html

Located in the Madinat Jumeirah resort if the Madinat Jumeirah Souk, this was built to resemble an actual souk and give its customers a feel of walking through the city souks. This place offers a unique shopping experience and you may find a number of outlets that could not be available in the other places of Dubai.
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Naif Souk - http://www.dubaisouk.net/naif-souk.html

We all know how popular Dubai has evolved as a shopping destination especially during the festival season and one place that is a must visit is the Naif Souk. This souk has a variety of unique products at the most reasonable prices and of excellent quality. As always you can always have your way with the pricing with a good...
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Dubai Souks - http://www.dubaisouks.net/

The souks at Dubai are a colorful, bright and noisy just like any other market place. Dominating the souks in Dubai is the Gold Souk which has paved the way for a number of other souks. Whether it is a piece of jewellery or picking up the perfect perfume the choice at the souks are endless and easy on the wallet.
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Souks of Dubai - http://www.hqtravel.net/middleeast/dubai/shopping/souks/

Dubai has a number of souks to choose from, whether you’re a tourist of a resident you can opt for the souks for all your shopping needs rather than hitting the malls. The souks are places of bargain so don’t forget to fight for the price that you feel is perfect. Dubai Gold Souk, Dubai Perfume Souk, Dubai Spice Souk are...
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Gold Souk Dubai - http://www.goldsoukdubai.net

The Gold Souk of Dubai is not one a place to purchase jewellery but also a place to trade jewellery. A number of stores even sell large quantities of gold to small vendors. Collectors and Investors can both get what they desire at the gold souk. Kaloti Jewellery is one of the biggest sellers of gold in the Middle East and India.
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