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Shoes are something that every girl needs to have in their closet and not just a pair but rather a collection of it. And when your in the land of Dubai you are bound to pick up more than just clothes, the collection of branded shoes and the trendiest of styles are displayed all over Dubai’s Mall. Be sure to pick them!

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Running Shoes Dubai - http://www.dubaishoes.ae/running-shoes.html

Find a variety of running shoes in Dubai and pay less for each pair than you would anywhere else. Running shoes are sold at all the major shopping malls, top among them being Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, Deira City Centre and Al Ghurair City. Choose from international brands such as Nike and Puma to local and Asian shoe...
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Basketball Shoes Dubai - http://www.dubaishoes.ae/basketball-shoes.html

The most commonly available brands of basketball shoes in Dubai are Adidas, Nike, Voit and Converse. Being such a diverse city, Dubai provides many options when it comes to fit and styling. Visit any major shopping mall or explore Dubai online stores for additional makes and designs of basketball shoes.
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Bridal Shoes Dubai - http://www.dubaishoes.ae/bridal-shoes.html

For the largest variety of bridal shoes, visit leading bridal shops and boutiques in Dubai. Among the best of these is The Wedding Shop. More options can be found at the Dubai Mall, which is lined with a considerable number of bridal shops. You can also discover bridal shoe trends by attending The Bride Show, held annually in...
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Dubai Shoes - http://www.dubaishoes.ae

If you are not really into big brands then you should head out to the Town centre and Villa Boda, these places have a variety of footwear where you can purchase a number shoes at the most reasonable prices. These days there are a number of online stores also that making shopping all the more easier.
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Caterpillar Shoes - http://www.dubaishoes.ae/caterpillar-shoes.html

Although Caterpillar shoes are well known for their tough and safe looks their latest collections like the I Technology energy series and Flexion are more unique, efficient and luxurious. The Dubai Mall is known to house some of the top brands and Caterpillar too has the complete collection displayed at their store.
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Converse Shoes - http://www.dubaishoes.ae/converse-shoes.html

Converse shoes have always been known for their trendy collection. The Chuck Taylor All Star collection has unique graphics that are sure to attract music lovers whereas the Jack Purcell collection is vibrant in style. Moreover their classic set of sneaker collection is what makes this brand so popular among the current...
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Jimmy Choo Dubai - http://www.dubaishoes.ae/jimmy-choo-shoes.html

The collections of Jimmy Choo footwear are both elegant and glamorous hence they are quite popular among celebrities as well. These shoes stand apart from other brands and is known for its high end fashionable looks. The collection of boots have also initiated a style statement and admired by many.
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Reebok Shoes - http://www.dubaishoes.ae/reebok-shoes.html

From running shoes to water resistant material Reebok shoes have adorned as the masters of sports collections for the modern lifestyle. Dubai has a number of stores where the brand is available and also you can purchase your favorite model these days from the online stores. These shoes are the best for your workout sessions.
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Toms Shoes - http://www.dubaishoes.ae/toms-shoes.html

The Toms footwear include the Botas collection, Cordon collection, Cords collection, Vegan shoes and a tiny collection designed specially for children. This brand of shoes is designed to cater to people from all walks of life. Apart from visiting the store you can also purchase this brand online and explore the complete...
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Skechers Shoes - http://www.dubaishoes.ae/skechers-shoes.html

The easiest way to shop for shoes these days is online. Dubai offers a number of online portals that have the entire catalogue where customers can choose their favorite model and have it delivered too. The official site of Skechers too displays the complete range at the most reasonable prices.
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Aldo Shoes - http://www.dubaishoes.ae/aldo-shoes.html

Being in the footwear industry for over a decade Aldo shoes are a reputed retailer in the shoes business. They are located all over UAE and always update the collections with the latest products. There are unique collections available for men and women and is truly a treat for the eyes.
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Designer Shoes Dubai - http://www.dubaishoes.ae/designer-shoes.html

Dubai has always been a platform for the best designer wear and that includes shoes as well. Some of the top brands that adorn the malls of Dubai are Roberto Ruivo and Jimmy Choo. From Italian to french almost every style and design of footwear is available in this beautiful city.
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Shoes Dubai - http://www.shoppingdubai.net/shoes.html

The Dubai Shopping Festival has always been considered the best time to buy anything even shoes! There are tons of places in Dubai where you can find the latest collection of shoes. Some of the top destinations include Hamarain Centre, Ibn Battuta Mall, Dubai mall and Warba centre. Apart from these you could also bargain your...
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Ecco Shoes - http://www.dubaishoes.ae/ecco-shoes.html

Another renowned brand that has created a name for itself over the years is Ecco shoes, catered to all groups of people this brand is known for their quality leather which is prepared at the brand factory. From casuals to formals Ecco shoes has an excellent collection of innovative and distinctive designs
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Shoe Mart - http://www.dubaishoes.ae/shoe-mart.html

Shoe Mart has become home to a number of branded footwear along with introducing its own in house brand. It is a one stop shop for all your footwear and accessory needs. They have known to deliver some of the best quality products and can be found located all over the city of Dubai.
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Birkenstock Shoes - http://www.dubaishoes.ae/birkenstock-shoes.html

Birkenstock's contemporary collections and comfort footwear is what makes this brand popular. They have a wide range of shoes that can be sported both casually and high-end events. The Rock star baby collection has been specially designed by the company for the children. You will find a unique addition of the inner sole which...
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Bata Shoes - http://www.dubaishoes.ae/bata-shoes.html

A well known name in the footwear industry is Bata; they are one of the oldest brands and are known for their traditional looking footwear. Their innovative style of footwear has been designed for all walks of life. Bata footwear supposedly delivers the best comfort and can be found at any of Dubai's shopping malls.
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Vans Shoes - http://www.dubaishoes.ae/vans-shoes.html

Vans shoes offer its customers the option of customizing their shoes while purchasing them online. These shoes are carefully crafted by highly skilled craftsmen and they truly promote their custom made options. Skate collection, Surf collection, BMX collection and Snowboard collection are just a few of their unique collections.
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Geox Shoes - http://www.dubaishoes.ae/geox-shoes.html

Geox shoes has a vast collection for men and women, the women’s collection consists of Cleopatra, Ella, Maurizia and Karma whereas the men’s collection has Brian and Bond footwear. Children too can enjoy Geox footwear with the junior collection. Their distinctive design and comfortable footwear is what makes this brand...
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