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Dubai Shopping Malls - http://www.hqtravel.net/middleeast/dubai/shopping/malls/

Many people say that everyday is shopping day in Dubai. With the availability of hundreds shopping malls and department stores, Dubai is the favorite destination for people with shopaholic. In every corner of the city, find the stylish malls which can satisfy your shopping desire that will tell you how to spend your money in...
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Hamarin Center Dubai - http://www.hqtravel.net/middleeast/dubai/shopping/malls/hamarain-center-334.html

In the shopping headquarter of Dubai, the Deira city center, there is a new built shopping center added, the Hamarain center. Built to fulfill the need of international and local tourists, the mall is located in a strategic area of shopping headquarter city. Beautiful view and modern building; those all will spoil your day in...
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Wafi Mall Dubai - http://www.hqtravel.net/middleeast/dubai/shopping/malls/wafi-mall-226.html

Shopping in a modern building with common design is nothing, but shopping in the middle of ancient Egypt atmosphere is really something. The Wafi Mall is built not only to fulfill the shopping needs of people, but also to give leisure and entertainment for the visitors. The different concept of building is applied for the...
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Lamcy Plaza - http://www.hqtravel.net/middleeast/dubai/shopping/malls/lamcy-plaza-225.html

There real touch of luxury is only in the Lamcy Plaza of Dubai. Built in the Oud Metha district of Dubai, this mall is considered as one of the most prestigious mall in Dubai. High quality products with luxurious looking arcades are all you can get in this fancy mall.
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Dubai Outlet Mall - http://www.hqtravel.net/middleeast/dubai/shopping/malls/dubai-outlet-mall-224.html

Although you have only limited budget to spend, you can still have the newest fashion item and the other fancy items in the Dubai Outlet Mall. Being the cheapest among the cheap malls, the Dubai Outlet Mall gives chances for everyone to enjoy new quality items in completely affordable prices.
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Mercato Shopping Mall - http://www.hqtravel.net/middleeast/dubai/shopping/malls/mercato-shopping-mall-210.html

The real luxurious shopping experience is only in the Mercato Shopping Mall. Built with the concept feature of Las Vegas hotel in the US, it has the taste of Venice view in Italy. Furthermore, it offers luxury service insides the mall. In the ultra modern Jumeirah district, you will find that this mall is really a gorgeous...
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Arabian Shopping Centre - http://www.hqtravel.net/middleeast/dubai/shopping/malls/arabian-center-shopping-mall-211.html

It must be really annoying to wait for someone who likes shopping spending her time in the shopping centre while you are idling everywhere. To meet the need of such person, the Arabian Shopping Centre gives various sport facilities and entertainment centre, right in the complex of the mall. Visit the mall, and everybody will...
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Ibn Battuta Mall - http://www.hqtravel.net/middleeast/dubai/shopping/malls/ibn-battuta-mall-212.html

The extraordinary Ibn Battuta Mall will take very visitor’s breath away. The tremendous building of this mall is designed by the famous Palm Island project arranger. It has six different parts with luxurious decorations that fit to the culture of the local genius art. Beautiful and attractive, those two words represent the...
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BurJuman Center - http://www.hqtravel.net/middleeast/dubai/shopping/malls/burjuman-center-213.html

In the city in which the cultural tour becomes a favorite attraction, the BurJuman Center is built. As one of the most favorite destinations for shopping purposes, the BurJuman Center is located in the strategic and potential area of Bur Dubai district. Luxurious cultural shopping along with cultural tour will be nicely done...
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Dubai Marina Mall - http://www.hqtravel.net/middleeast/dubai/shopping/malls/dubai-marina-mall-214.html

One of the biggest mall in Dubai, the Dubai Marina Mall is ready to welcome the visitors and greet them with such a warm environment. Located on the Jumeirah Beach, the mall is not only giving the best pleasure for shopping but also for relaxing in the middle of great attractions. Great building in the perfect natural...
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Deira City Center - http://www.hqtravel.net/middleeast/dubai/shopping/malls/deira-city-center-215.html

The city of shopping centre is the Deira City Center. Provided with so many shopping centre in the city, it becomes a modern souk for people live around the city. Visiting the shops is not merely about shopping anymore, but it is also about entertainment and leisure time spending activities.
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Mall of the Emirates - http://www.hqtravel.net/middleeast/dubai/shopping/malls/mall-of-the-emirates-216.html

People who live or simply visit the Al Barsha district in the downtown area of Dubai are lucky to have the Mall of the Emirates; the place in which everything is available. There are so many varieties of stores with wide range of budget. Visit the site and set your budget; you will get a tremendous shopping experience in the...
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Dubai Mall - http://www.hqtravel.net/middleeast/dubai/shopping/malls/dubai-mall-217.html

Who doesn’t know the Dubai Mall? As the most favorite shopping centre of Dubai, it has held so many titles and world records. It is even considered as the biggest shopping centre of the world of this day. Once you visit the mall, you will never need to worry not to be able to do anything. Everything is accessible there.
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Al Bustan Centre - http://www.hqtravel.net/middleeast/dubai/shopping/malls/al-bustan-centre-218.html

Living in lifestyle will be more comfortable in Al Bustan Centre. In this complex, people will not only have the possibility to satisfy their shopping need, they also can live comfortably in the top class apartment of Al Bustan. Great designs and great developing plan will spoil the inhabitants of the complex.
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Dubai Oasis Centre - http://www.hqtravel.net/middleeast/dubai/shopping/malls/dubai-oasis-centre-219.html

Simple shopping needs strategic shopping centre, and the Dubai Oasis Centre is what you need here. Located next to the Sheikh Zayed Road that parts the area of Dubai right in the centre part, this shopping centre serves the customers in a huge building. Complete retails with various products will find you well.
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Al Ghurair Centre - http://www.hqtravel.net/middleeast/dubai/shopping/malls/al-ghurair-centre-220.html

Located in a strategic beautiful place, the Al Ghurair Centre becomes a favorite spot to spend your leisure time. From this place, you can easily reach the Deira shopping district and the Dubai creek. As an entertainment complex, this place can satisfy the visitors with all possible entertainment such as fun zone and shopping...
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Dragonmart - http://www.hqtravel.net/middleeast/dubai/shopping/malls/dragonmart-222.html

The unique building of the Dragonmart is one of its high selling points for the customers. The building of the Dragonmart is designs uniquely so that the complex appears differently from different angles. So, the marketplace is not only preferable for shopping purpose, but also for looking for leisure purposes.
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Al Khaleej Centre - http://www.hqtravel.net/middleeast/dubai/shopping/malls/al-khaleej-centre-223.html

Al Khaleej Centre is situated in the downtown area of Dubai, this shopping centre commits to give the best and the most complete electric appliances service for the people live in the area of Dubai. From small devices to the big ones, the Al Khaleej provides nothing but excellence and quality for the customers.
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Dubai Malls - http://www.dubai-malls.ae/

Dubai malls are categorized into different classes. There are primary shopping malls, which are large in size and very popular with both the locals and tourists. The second category of malls is souks, which are open-air markets or buildings where shoppers can find all kinds of goods. Department stores and supermarkets are the...
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