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Furniture is a great way of enhancing the interior look of your house or office. Furniture can be a necessity for life as well as add to the glitter and appearance of the house or to the professional look of the office. It also helps in giving a more comfortable environment for the place. Office furniture and home furniture can be found in Dubai in abundance in many malls as well as streets dedicated for furniture. To find the best price and the best quality furniture in Dubai, the below list of furniture dealers and sellers would be really helpful.

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IKEA Dubai - http://www.dubaifurniture.ae/ikea.html

IKEA has been well reputed in Dubai as the best selling chain of furniture and has gained popularity all over the world. IKEA is now an international supplier of furniture with its stores located all over the world, spreading its reach to customers and people in all regions, suiting their demands. IKEA is a Sweden based...
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Homes R Us - http://www.dubaifurniture.ae/homes-r-us.html

Being one of the leading furniture selling chains in Dubai, Homes R Us has a great reputation in the market for offering high quality furniture. Homes R Us is based in Dubai and has its reach to customers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other parts of UAE. The stores have a wide range of exclusive collections of furniture for all...
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Ashley Furniture - http://www.dubaifurniture.ae/ashley-furniture.html

Ashley Furniture is a famous furniture selling brand in the United States and has been set to spread its business all over the world with its online website as well as setting ups physical stores worldwide. Ashley furniture is popular among people due to its high quality and low price furniture that act as a best bargain for...
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Home Center - http://www.dubaifurniture.ae/home-centre.html

Home Center is a Dubai based furniture chain that ahs a prime focus on providing its customers with the best collections of home furniture and accessories. Home Center has been in the line of business from 1975 and has had an immense knowledge and understanding of what its customers expect. Home Center started at Sharjah...
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Pan Emirates - http://www.dubaifurniture.ae/pan-emirates.html

Pan Emirates is a well established and popular furniture brand that has been in the business in Dubai for more than 17 years now. The brand has a huge collection of furniture from sofa sets and dining tables to almost everything an Arabic home needs for decorating and making the house look well furnished and stylish. The Pan...
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Lorenzo House - http://www.dubaifurniture.ae/lorenzo-house.html

Lorenzo House, a well known world famous furniture brand has been providing its exclusive designs of furniture from 2008 till date. The brand has its stores located in all of UAE as well as many other countries in the world and the brand is famous for its outstanding design of furniture in all styles. Lorenzo House has its...
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United Furniture - http://www.dubaifurniture.ae/united-furniture.html

For people in Dubai, United Furniture is a one stop shop for all their needs of furniture suiting their demands and quality. United Furniture was started back in 1975 and has since then been at its best in serving its customers with the best furniture products. United Furniture started in Karama district initially, which was...
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Falaknaz Habitat - http://www.dubaifurniture.ae/falaknaz-habitat.html

Falaknaz Habitat is a leading manufacturer and seller of furniture in Dubai, with its expertise in furniture business and its astounding customer service dedicated for its customers. Falaknaz Habitat distinguished itself from others in the field, by offering furniture of all kinds and ranges in one shop, from bedroom...
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Asghar Furniture - http://www.dubaifurniture.ae/asghar-furniture.html

Asghar Furniture is a UAE based company that has been in the line of business for more than thirty years now, offering the best furniture products to the country. Asghar furniture is a very popular brand and also the biggest furniture brand in UAE, well known for their best quality materials and their robustness and...
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American Furniture - http://www.dubaifurniture.ae/american-furniture.html

American Furniture brands have been at a rise in the Dubai and Abu Dhabi markets, with the increase in the shopping spree in the cities of UAE. The furniture sector has seen a very high increase in sales, due to the great quality, affordable and cheap prices that are offered by the furniture brands to the customers visiting...
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Cheap Furniture - http://www.dubaifurniture.ae/cheap-furniture.html

Dubai is an ideal place to shop for furniture of all kinds and ranges, from the most expensive furniture to the cheapest ones. However, it is often difficult for one to find the best dealers offering good furniture for cheaper cost. Dubai has a number of furniture dealers and brands, who make impressive quality furniture for...
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Office Furniture - http://www.dubaifurniture.ae/office-furniture.html

For setting up an office, the toughest part would be to decide and find the best furniture for the workplace. Office furniture is hard to find matching our requirements of defining the workplace to the best of your expectations. For this reason, there have been many furniture brands which have dedicated designers for...
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Used Furniture - http://www.dubaifurniture.ae/used-furniture.html

Used furniture are the best options for people looking to buy best furniture at cheap cost, since the old furniture always are made of the best materials. Used furniture often are older in nature, but the materials used for the old furniture are usually classic wooden or antique wood furniture that gives it a sturdy and a...
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Buy Furniture - http://www.dubaifurniture.ae/buy-furniture.html

With an increasing number of people visiting Dubai for shopping or for a job, there has been a great demand in furniture due to people visiting hotels for stay, or hiring flats and expecting the best furnished houses to stay. Also, for families or individuals who move to Dubai or Abu Dhabi, a flat will be rented without any...
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Dubai Furniture - http://www.dubaifurniture.ae

Dubai Furniture is an online portal that gives an insight of all the variations and categories of furniture hat are available in Dubai. The portal categorizes the furniture outlets, listing all furniture brands that sell their furniture products to customers all over Dubai and the world. Designer furniture, interior design...
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Office Furniture Dubai - http://www.officefurnituredubai.net/

Mahmayi is another name that is popular when it comes to furniture in Dubai. They specialize in office furniture which is available in all shapes and sizes. Whether they are armchairs of office cabinets you can find them all at any of the various outlets of Mahmayi.
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