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This is basically a tax efficient and cost effective method for new entrepreneurs to set up their business. All it requires is a quick and easy set up and if properly structured the company can also be exempted from paying taxes. You also have the choice of setting up your offshore company and one of Dubai’s many Free Zone Areas.

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Dubai Offshore Company - http://www.offshorecompaniesdubai.com/

An offshore company is basically a business that is set up out of the owner’s home country and Dubai plays host to quite a few offshore companies. To establish one you need to have a registered Dubai or UAE agent and they can be set up only in selected FTZ’s (Free Trade Zones) which are virtually tax free with regard to...
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Dubai Business Requirements - http://www.offshorecompaniesdubai.com/business-requirements-dubai.html

To start off any business in Dubai the presence of a Dubai or UAE registered agent / partner is required. This partner may own 51% of the shares unless you can get a decent lawyer to work out the contract for you. LLC is the most used form of legal entity; other forms include Simple Limited Company. The Private Trade Stock...
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Dubai Business Formation - http://www.offshorecompaniesdubai.com/dubai-business-formation.html

In order to set up a business in Dubai you first need to decide the kind of company that you would like to set up or what sort of business would suit you. There are inbound and outbound types of business, inbound being a set up with a Dubai business partner who will hold the major ownership and outbound being those set up in...
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Dubai Company Registration - http://www.offshorecompaniesdubai.com/dubai-company-registration.html

Registering your company is a 2-3 day process but an expensive one. All registrations are done at the DED (Dubai Department for Economic Development) and involve 4 steps – Registering the name of your company, getting a business license from DED, drafting and acceptance of your MOA from the DED and finally the actual...
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Dubai Offshore Company - http://www.offshorecompaniesdubai.com/dubai-offshore-company.html

If you are interested in setting up a company in Dubai make sure you have a Dubai or UAE registered agent to support you, also you will have to choose one of the many tax free zones that Dubai offers to set up your business. To achieve your spot in the free zone, a form needs to be submitted on the company’s behalf which...
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Asset Protection - http://www.offshorecompaniesdubai.com/asset-protection.html

Get yourself a respectable financial advisor who will help you to outline your asset protection plans. Any plan that assures you that you do not have to pay taxes is considered illegal. Retirement accounst, trusts and savings accounts, insurance packages are different types of asset protection plans that allow you to enjoy...
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Offshore Company Advantages - http://www.offshorecompaniesdubai.com/offshore-company-advantages.html

The advantages of opening an offshore company involve lesser payment of taxes and also a mode of investment which is considered legal. Offshore companies have a better chance of survival and are clear of money laundering and other illegal activities. Dubai is a country that allows offshore companies to set up base easily.
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What is Offshore Company - http://www.offshorecompaniesdubai.com/what-is-offshore-company.html

An Offshore company is an entity that is founded in one country and operated from another (mainly where the investor stays). Many a times offshore companies are created by members who would like to remain anonymous and the other factor would be that it also helps to lower tax paying.
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Offshore Incorporation - http://www.offshorecompaniesdubai.com/offshore-incorporation.html

A basic translation of an offshore incorporation would mean a company that is incorporated in a country that is different from the place of operation. Offshore incorporations are set up by many to avoid heavy taxing and with a genuine agent you could find the perfect company to invest in.
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Offshore Trust - http://www.offshorecompaniesdubai.com/offshore-trust.html

An offshore trust is mainly for the rich to invest their riches into a trustee who will handle their offshore company which exempts the investor from paying taxes for the invested sum. Find yourself a good financial advisor who can suggest if investing your money in an offshore company is worth it and who will also be able to...
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Dubai Company Setup - http://www.offshorecompaniesdubai.com/dubai-company-setup.html

Setting up your company in Dubai will require a number of details for example you will first need to decide what kind of company and whether or not you would like to run it within the city itself. You will need to decide under what entity the company should be set up and register your firm with the DED. Also back yourself up...
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