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There is no wider variety than in Dubai when it comes to restaurants. Dubai restaurants differ according to quality, cuisine and location. There are not any popular cuisines from all over the world, which you would not be able to find in Dubai. Most of Dubai’s restaurants are located in the Karama, Deira and Jumeirah districts.

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American Restaurants Dubai - http://www.hqtravel.net/middleeast/dubai/nightlife/restaurants/american-restaurants-dubai-359.html

Considering the fact that the majority of the expats living in Dubai are coming from the United States, Dubai made all efforts to provide them with their popular chains of fast food such as the Mc Donald’s, Burger Kings or the Wendy’s. There are several barbecue and American Steak Houses among Dubai restaurants that you...
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Greek Restaurants Dubai - http://www.hqtravel.net/middleeast/dubai/nightlife/restaurants/greek-restaurants-dubai-360.html

Considering the warm climate that gives high chance to buy those ingredients in Dubai, which are necessary for the preparation of Greek food, the possibilities are wide as Arabic cuisine uses much the same ingredients as the Greek one. Therefore, for giving Dubai restaurants a bit of a Mediterranean taste, there are a couple...
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Thai Restaurants Dubai - http://www.hqtravel.net/middleeast/dubai/nightlife/restaurants/thai-restaurants-dubai-362.html

There is a great Thai minority living in Dubai; therefore, it is widely possible to eat out at a Thai Dubai restaurants over here. The best places can be found not only in Deira, but also several hotels have quality Thai food on offer. Thai flavours are widely popular in Dubai and no matter it is a high-profile restaurant or...
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Spanish Restaurants Dubai - http://www.hqtravel.net/middleeast/dubai/nightlife/restaurants/spanish-restaurants-dubai-386.html

Given the fact that Dubai’s climate is much alike to the Mediterranean climate, it gives some great space for the Spanish cuisine to conquer Dubai. In addition, Spanish and Arabic cuisine has much in common, considering both the ingredients and the spices. Therefore, Spanish cuisine is widely available in Dubai restaurants;...
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Dubai Steakhouses - http://www.hqtravel.net/middleeast/dubai/nightlife/restaurants/dubai-steakhouses-363.html

Considering the fact that there are so many Americans living in Dubai and many of them arrive from the Oil-State of Texas or the Southern States of New-Mexico or California where steakhouses are visited daily, the number of Steakhouses among Dubai restaurants is high. You can find the best steakhouses in hotels, such as the...
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Arabic Restaurants Dubai - http://www.hqtravel.net/middleeast/dubai/nightlife/restaurants/arabic-restaurants-dubai-365.html

As we are talking about Dubai restaurants, it is evident that it be not a problem for you to find any sort of Arabic restaurants in the city that varies from high-scale restaurants to street side buffets. We can differentiate local, Lebanese, Egyptian, Tunisian and Moroccan Arabic restaurants in Dubai.
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Mexican Restaurants Dubai - http://www.hqtravel.net/middleeast/dubai/nightlife/restaurants/mexican-restaurants-dubai-388.html

There are many Americans living in Dubai who are fond of Mexican cuisine. In addition, the locals are very enthusiastic when it comes to trying new flavours that the Mexican cuisine delivers. Mexican foods are popular in Dubai restaurants and as most restaurants, you can find most of them inside of 4-5 Star hotels in the...
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Chinese Restaurants Dubai - http://www.hqtravel.net/middleeast/dubai/nightlife/restaurants/chinese-restaurants-dubai-366.html

Chinese food is widely available in Dubai restaurants that have a growing Chinese community as well. You can find some of the best street side Chinese restaurants in the Karama or the Al Rigga districts. If you are looking for some elite places, try the Noble House, the China Sea or the Shang Palace each one of them...
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Persian Restaurants Dubai - http://www.hqtravel.net/middleeast/dubai/nightlife/restaurants/persian-restaurants-dubai-384.html

Iran is facing the United Arab Emirates and in this regard, they can be dealt with as neighbours. The Iranian community of Iran is big; therefore, there is a large market of Iranian Persian restaurants among Dubai restaurants. Iranian–Persian cuisine had been affected by Turkish, Arabic and even Indian cuisines and...
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French Restaurants Dubai - http://www.hqtravel.net/middleeast/dubai/nightlife/restaurants/french-restaurants-dubai-367.html

French cuisine is probably the most famous cuisine all around the world. Also, French restaurants have always been considered the trendiest in the world, so it is natural that the Arabic elite would like to feel in France from time to time. Not to mention the large French minority living in Dubai who need to have some of...
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Vegetarian Restaurants Dubai - http://www.hqtravel.net/middleeast/dubai/nightlife/restaurants/vegetarian-restaurants-dubai-368.html

Vegetarian restaurants in Dubai may mean two different lines of Dubai restaurants. Let us take the Indian restaurants first, which have a vast variety of vegetarian food and there are Indian restaurants specifically for vegetarians. The other line is the New-Age restaurant or meals that you can get mainly in some of the...
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Lebanese Restaurants Dubai - http://www.hqtravel.net/middleeast/dubai/nightlife/restaurants/lebanese-restaurants-dubai-369.html

The number of Lebanese is the highest among the Arabic minorities and there is a large deal of Dubai-Lebanese business going on in Dubai. Lebanese people also love going out and eat out in the Dubai restaurants that serve their own Lebanese specialties. There are many Lebanese dealing with their own restaurants, so you will...
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Indian Restaurants Dubai - http://www.hqtravel.net/middleeast/dubai/nightlife/restaurants/indian-restaurants-dubai-370.html

The largest minority of Dubai is the one of Indians. Indian people have also the largest population in Dubai, which also means that the Indian culture and cuisine have many effects on Dubai’s overall culture. The largest number of Indian Dubai restaurants can be found in the traditionally Indian districts such as Al Rigga...
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British Restaurants Dubai - http://www.hqtravel.net/middleeast/dubai/nightlife/restaurants/british-restaurants-dubai-371.html

British make a large group among the Western expats living in Dubai; therefore, Dubai has taken care of providing British with the Dubai restaurants they love the most, which generally means the pubs that serve some fish and chips and other British specialties with some tasty English beers. Try Churchill’s or Fish and...
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Russian Restaurants Dubai - http://www.hqtravel.net/middleeast/dubai/nightlife/restaurants/russian-restaurants-dubai-372.html

It may sound surprising but there is a noticeable Russian community living in Dubai and they have taken care of making their own places that are generally some Russian Dubai restaurants and nightclubs, many of them serving both the mentioned reasons. Try the Troika the Bolshoi or the Gulnaz where you can taste the Russian...
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Japanese Restaurants Dubai - http://www.hqtravel.net/middleeast/dubai/nightlife/restaurants/japanese-restaurants-dubai-385.html

Japanese cuisine has become incredibly New Age and trendy in the last ten years. The healthy foods of Japanese are worldwide popular and you cannot go to any larger city where you would not find at least one trendy Japanese restaurant. Dubai is no exception of course, as expats do love Japanese cuisine. Find the coolest...
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Food Restaurants Dubai - http://www.hqtravel.net/middleeast/dubai/nightlife/restaurants/fast-food-restaurants-dubai-373.html

There are not many people who do not know that Americans are crazy for their fast-food restaurants. Let their food be healthy or not that much Mc Donald’s and Burger King are two of the world’s most profitable businesses and Dubai restaurants. Of course, there is no chance for you not to find these fast food chains in...
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Morrocan Restaurants Dubai - http://www.hqtravel.net/middleeast/dubai/nightlife/restaurants/morrocan-restaurants-dubai-387.html

Dubai is largely fond of Moroccan culture, which includes the Moroccan interiors and the Moroccan cuisine. Therefore, there are several great Moroccan Dubai restaurants where you can taste a real Moroccan couscous or Tagine. Moroccan cuisine is considered among the best cuisines in the world so you should not miss visiting a...
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Pakistani Restaurants Dubai - http://www.hqtravel.net/middleeast/dubai/nightlife/restaurants/pakistani-restaurants-dubai-381.html

Next to the huge Indian community, the other largest community of Dubai is of the Pakistanis. There are lots of Pakistani places in Dubai, Pakistani schools, clubs and of course many Pakistani Dubai restaurants as well. Pakistani cuisine has had effects from India, Afghanistan and Iran as well, so it is a must-try for you in...
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Egyptian Restaurants Dubai - http://www.hqtravel.net/middleeast/dubai/nightlife/restaurants/egyptian-restaurants-dubai-382.html

Egypt is the main Arabic country with which Dubai has vast business cooperation; therefore, there are many Egyptians living in Dubai and Dubai locals highly respect Egyptian cuisine as well. Arabic cuisines have a lot in common, but the North African Arabic countries’ cuisine is different in many ways. Taste some great...
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Italian Restaurants Dubai - http://www.hqtravel.net/middleeast/dubai/nightlife/restaurants/italian-restaurants-dubai-383.html

There is no other cuisine, which would be as popular as the Italian cuisine all around the world. Of course, Dubai has a great love for the Italian cuisine too and therefore there are dozens of Dubai restaurants such as Pizzerias and Italian restaurants all over the city. Find some of the best specialties in the Armani Hotel...
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