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The scene of Dubai bars is very eclectic and colourful. There are dozens if not hundreds of different bars in Dubai, some serve food or alcoholic drinks and others serving as discos during the night. Most of Dubai's bars can be found inside hotels because of Dubai's alcoholic drink consumption laws.

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Wine Bars Dubai - http://www.hqtravel.net/middleeast/dubai/nightlife/bars/wine-bars-dubai-357.html

Apart from the fact that Dubai is a non-alcoholic Islamic state, it has made several rebates toward the large number of expats that Dubai need as experts and professionals in their profession and therefore does its best for them to feel their best in Dubai. Therefore, there are several Dubai bars such as wine bars for expats...
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Sport Bars Dubai - http://www.hqtravel.net/middleeast/dubai/nightlife/bars/sport-bars-dubai-351.html

As the number of sport loving expats is high in Dubai, there are several Dubai bars in the city, which give them chance to enjoy the sports programs in each other’s company together with some beer or other drinks. There are British, Irish, American and Australian sport bars in Dubai; so, you can choose from them according...
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Dubai Karaoke Bars - http://www.hqtravel.net/middleeast/dubai/nightlife/bars/dubai-karaoke-bars-350.html

Dubai bars are colourful such as the number of nationalities that live in Dubai. Karaoke bars have become popular all over the world and serve as great places for parties and fun night outs. In Dubai too, you can find several great karaoke bars as well such as the Hibiki, the Double Decker or the Manila 365.
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Dubai Cigar Lounges - http://www.hqtravel.net/middleeast/dubai/nightlife/bars/dubai-cigar-lounges-349.html

There are plenty of people who love the enjoyment of the finest cigars together with the finest suiting liquors or other spirits. Cigar bars have become famous in the United Kingdom and from there the tradition got passed over to the United States too where there are plenty of Cigar lounges too. There are a couple of Dubai...
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Coctail Bars Dubai - http://www.hqtravel.net/middleeast/dubai/nightlife/bars/cocktail-bars-dubai-348.html

Cocktails are popular drinks because there are many of them, which can also be enjoyed alcohol-free. Several Dubai hotels house Dubai bars that operate cocktail houses especially in the Dubai downtown area. Some of the best Dubai cocktail bars are the Aprés, the 360 degrees and the 1897, each one of them being overly elegant...
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British Pubs Dubai - http://www.hqtravel.net/middleeast/dubai/nightlife/bars/british-pubs-dubai-347.html

British pubs are worldwide popular and there is no city in Europe or in the US where you would not find at least a few British pubs. Dubai’s British pubs are popular and several Dubai bars operate as British pubs with British owners and British staff as well. Try Nelson’s or Double Decker both of them located in the...
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American Bars Dubai - http://www.hqtravel.net/middleeast/dubai/nightlife/bars/american-bars-dubai-346.html

American bars are different from their British counterparts. The way they serve steaks and other pub food but their function is the same, all of them having a big screen for the sports events. Therefore, several Dubai bars are American bars that you can mainly find at the hotels all over Dubai.
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